Claim Your Exclusive Access To The Audiobook Version Of "Interview Connections: How to #RockThePodcast From Both Sides Of The Mic" Right Now!

Podcasts have become so popular because they are portable and can be listened to pretty much anywhere at any time.

Perhaps that's why, since way back when I first announced I was writing a book, the number-one question I have gotten from so many of you is "Will there be an audiobook version?"

This is a book about podcasting, after all 🙂

So it only makes sense that we'd make a version of this book available so you can listen to it through the same devices you use to listen to podcasts right now!  Therefore,

...Your Wish Is My Command! (But Just For The Next 97 People Who Take Action)

In response to popular demand, I have recorded a complete audio version of Interview Connections: How to #RockThePodcast From Both Sides Of The Mic.

For a limited time, it will be just $17.95.

You'll be able to download the MP3s the moment you complete your secure order.

Claim your access now, before the limited number of "Advance" VIP passes are taken!

Yes, Please Give Me Access To The Audiobook(Instant Download Upon Registration)

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